Diamonds of Blanch Orion
Seastaff Poseidon
Bourtie Red Prospect
Bourtie Prospect Of Glory
Bourtie Originario
Seastaff Polar StarCrossguns Black Eyed Pea At Staffwize
Bullmaple Morning Star At Seastaff
Diamonds of Blanch Lady Red DevilStormfire Sharp ActionBrittstaff By Jove Over Dumbriton
Stormfire Strawberry Cheesecake

Diamonds of Blanch Busby Babe


Blazinstaff Blazin Justice
Diamonds of Blanch Bambina
Galé de Orphanus
Z-Suit Strong Boy Fransimo BohemiaDazmarnic Two Socks from CountrylodgeAymstaff Moneys Too Tight
Jajca’s Pure Gold
Dudu Pied Love Fransimo BohemiaAlbermarbull Ice White
Highly Matilda Fransimo Bohemia
Quatma Fransimo BohemiaSheffstaffs Red RumAshstock By Jupiter
Red Quests Babe
Any Hanny Fransimo BohemiaSharoc Fransimo Red Boy
Aschley Fransimo Bohemia
Staffordshire bull terrier pedigree

Harpia de Orphanus Harpia de Orphanus Harpia de Orphanus Harpia de Orphanus