Sharoc Star Gladiator

14x Excellent 1 CAC, 3x BOB,
3x CACIB, 2 x res.CACIB,

Sharoc Fire And Ice
Tameford Paratrooper From Sharoc
Dan Tobins Boy For Kartola
Crackers Early Dawn Of Tameford
Camry Montana From SharocCh.Valglo Lancer
Elsa’s Delight
Miss Rambling Rose From Sharoc

Ch.UK Woizel’s Wish At Dawn With Shingsstaff
Bekanbar Barrere
Golden Glowing Gem Of Woizel
Sweet Red Princess
Ch.UK Bowtman’s Red October
Elegant Lady In Red

Quatma Fransimo Bohemia

5x CAC, 4x Res CAC, 5x Excellent 1, 4x Excellent 2, 3x Excellent 3, 7x Excellent

Ch.CZ Sheffstaffs Red Rum

3x Excellent 2, RES.CAC, 4x Excellent 1, CAC, 3x BOB, 2x NATIONAL WINNER
2x Excellent

Ch.GB Ashstock By Jupiter
UK.CH Jackstaff Fascination
Ashstock Devils Diamond
Red Quests Babe
Quest For Fame
Bullroarers Expedition
Any Hanny Fransimo Bohemia

3 x Excellent 1, CAJC-CZ
Jugend Bester,
Club Junior Winner,
Continental Junior Winner 2007,
3x Excellent 2 Res.CAC, excellent 1CAC, 1x CACIB Maribor 08 Crufts Qualification 2008
Sharoc Fransimo Red Boy
Tameford Paratrooper From Sharoc
Miss Rambling Rose From Sharoc
Aschley Fransimo Bohemia
Archie Terceto
Bárlet Plzeňský šperk